Front-End Website Development

Noquemanon Trail Network

Project: Responsive Redesign of the Noquemanon Trail Network website.

Tools: Sass, WordPress, Foundation, SVG, Retina Media Queries, Grunt

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Northport Nailer

Project: Responsive eCommerce Redesign of the Northport Nailer website.

Tools: Sass, WordPress, WooCommerce, Foundation, Grunt

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M.J. VanDamme Inc.

Project: Responsive website design for M.J. VanDamme, Inc.

Tools: Sass, WordPress, Google Maps, Foundation, Grunt

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Michigan Charter Boat Assoc.

Project: Responsive redesign of the Michigan Charter Boat Association website.

Tools: Sass, jQuery, Google Maps, Foundation, SVG, Grunt

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906 Technologies

Project: Responsive redesign of 906 Technologies' website.

Tools: Sass, jQuery, Foundation, Icon Fonts, SVG, Grunt

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Marquette Fireworks

Project: Background video website design for the Marquette Fireworks Committee.

Tools: Sass, jQuery, HTML5, WordPress, Foundation, Compass

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